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The connecting Power

The exhibition complex with approximately 6,000 sqm display area provides for about 250 exhibitors, each of one industry only, the affordable opportunity to be present in the center of Europe and show their colors.

Although the concept will be applied internationally, PERMEX focuses primarily on permanent exhibitions in Germany where Asian exhibitors present their products to European customers.

PERMEX will provide the staff with the professional expertise.
As soon as European companies are interested in one of the exhibitors and prices and quality are acceptable to the buyer, then our Asian team or competent service partner resumes assistance and ensures support in all issues and smooth communication.

The first PERMEX exhibition will feature Environment & Solar Industry.

Further permanent exhibitions are planned for the following industries:

<< Medical Equipment
<< Arts, Gifts & Crafts
<< Electronics
<< Toys & Games
<< Health & Beauty
<< Homes & Gardens
<< Industrial Supplies
<< IT, Hardware and Software
<< Jewelry, Clocks & Watches
<< Lighting
<< Music & Musical Instruments
<< Office Supplies & Stationary
<< Security & Protection
<< Packaging & Paper

The extent of the services for exhibitors is divided in two service packages:

a) The services which are included in the rental fee are generally sufficient for exhibitors to achieve their target by establishing qualified contacts with distributors and structuring a European agency.

b) Additional services during order processing are listed and charged separately at affordable fees.