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The Market

Market Information

PERMEX covers a niche, and for this reason can generally not be compared with specialized exhibitions. Here some facts for better understanding:

Worldwide trade fairs and exhibitions proceed according to nearly identical blueprints.
The big fair corporations have attractive and generally quite generously designed show grounds with a variety of pavilions and service structures.

Apart from a few exceptions specialized exhibitions run for approximately 4 days and are held once a year. Costs are significant, especially if exhibits have to be long-hauled; plus staff, hotel, travel and entertainment expenses.
For corporations and larger, established enterprises participation is profitable despite relatively high costs, since besides prestige advertising they also use the opportunity to strengthen personal contacts with distributors, branches or regional offices, build new connections and introduce new products.

Small and medium enterprises are having a rather hard time. They are looking for distributors, customers or at least contacts.
Often the important preparation of the exhibition is lacking. Employees hardly or not at all speak the language of the host country, local factors are hardly or not at all considered, and business cards are collected with the hope to lead to some kind of business relationship. Office workers carry out the follow-up with generally little or no relation to that exhibition or the overseas market.

In many cases the results are frustrating, since the participation yielded not more than high costs and not much else.
Exceptions prove the rule and, admittedly, traditional fairs are not only an important economic factor but for a variety of reasons it is not imaginable that fairs would be gone.

Certainly there is a high demand for PERMEX services, serving the interests of small and medium enterprises realistically, professionally and well priced.