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We donīt need Chaos!!

PERMEX is in many ways different from traditional trade fairs, mainly because interested trade visitors have sufficient time for systematic information ...

1. to inspect and evaluate the products in terms of price and quality;
2. to hold preliminary talks with experts and start contract negotiations;
3. to get to know the future supplier and business partner.

This PERMEX pilot project is all about the environment and supports small and medium European enterprises wanting to join forces with Asian suppliers and manufacturers.

It is no secret how difficult, almost impossible, it can be to establish a business relationship under those circumstances. Not to mention the high cost of business trips abroad, trade fair visits and the language barrier.

Asian enterprises generally share similar problems. This is where PERMEX provides the important link, “the connecting power”.
The Asian exhibitor possesses now a permanent address in Germany, without having to deploy own staff in Europe. This saves costs and effort.

The European buyer, proprietor or manager registers to visit PERMEX at a convenient time and has the opportunity to select the right products and/or suppliers in their industry between 250 Asian manufacturers.
The costs for exhibitors are easily calculated. The goal is to find suitable European distributors, agencies or direct customers.
The administrative requirements are included in the PERMEX service package; small print is deliberately done without.

PERMEX expects at least 20,000 trade visitors within the first year.
>From these top-class business contacts a variety of agencies can be developed - or direct business can be conducted.

The multi-lingual PERMEX team as well as our branches, partners and sub-contractors in Asia ensures flawless communication from the first contact to the final stages of the contract, quality control and smooth payment transactions.